The Eiffel Tower targets renewable energy

The Eiffel Tower targets renewable energy

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As of next day 1, the most visited monument in the world will change its electricity provider and the new one commits to ensuring that all it consumes comes from clean energy.

This contract allows the Eiffel Tower to have the guarantee that "the volume of electricity consumed will be entirely produced and injected into the French grid from a clean, renewable source," the manager said in a statement.

GEG, which replaces Germany's E.ON as the tower supplier, will also advise the company on energy efficiency during the two-year contract.

In recent months, the Eiffel Tower has undertaken renovations to its first floor that have allowed it to reduce energy consumption by insulating its pavilions, installing solar panels for hot water and recovering rainwater.

Almost 7 million people visited the monument last year, 324 meters high, raised for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and that currently consumes 6.7 GWh for air conditioning, heating, elevators and lighting. EFEverde


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