Lemon: a short of 2 min. about marine litter

Lemon: a short of 2 min. about marine litter

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The two-minute short film begins with the first seconds of a turtle's life, then tells its story and that of two seagulls that are threatened by garbage, as plastics and other garbage that reaches the oceans are called.

The abandonment and accumulation of garbage in natural environments has become a widespread problem that is having a very negative impact on the conservation of our planet.

SEO / BirdLife, in alliance with Ecoembes, is developing the LIBERA project to draw attention to this stealthy environmental catastrophe and free nature of garbage, studying its impact on the environment and generating a change in citizens' behavior.

The Reina Sofía Foundation has wanted to join forces in this fight against “garbage” and has joined the LIBERA project. Thus, joint actions will be developed within the project axes (knowledge, prevention and participation) that allow addressing this environmental problem that affects the state of conservation of natural environments, endangering the health of ecosystems and the survival of The Biodiversity.

We introduce you to Lemon, watch the video

The Reina Sofía Foundation will collaborate with ALNITAK, one of the scientific alliances of the LIBERA project, in a study called ‘Oceanographic Turtles’. In this way, the effect of marine litter on turtles in the Balearic Islands will be analyzed, since every year thousands of these specimens are affected by marine litter causing mutilation or suffocation. To do this, five loggerhead turtles will be tagged with satellite transmitters to know the reality of the problem and prevent these serious situations.

The immersion patterns and habitat uses of the loggerhead caretta caretta turtles will be known and risk mitigation measures for impact with garbage will be tested. In this line, a research grant will be created to incorporate a researcher aboard the Toftevaag sailboat, to support these scientific works.

Furthermore, as a result of the agreement and, in accordance with another of LIBERA's axes, prevention, an awareness campaign will be developed with the recreational nautical sector on the Spanish coast.

The objective is to avoid the abandonment of garbage in our waters and its affectation to sea turtles and other species, also threatened and highly affected by interaction with garbage, such as shearwaters (Balearic, Mediterranean and Cinderella) and the European cloth. It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles perish each year from entanglement or ingestion of marine litter.

Likewise, the Foundation will support both the '1m2 for nature' campaign, the great annual collaborative meeting to collect garbage from natural environments, as well as the citizen science and cleaning action '1m2 for the beaches and seas', which It will take place from September 28 to October 7.

‘LIBERA’ is a project created by SEO / BirdLife, the oldest environmental NGO in Spain, in alliance with Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organization that promotes the circular economy through the recycling of packaging.

The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to keep natural spaces free of trash and put an end to trash. To do this, LIBERA proposes an approach to the problem in three dimensions: knowledge, prevention and participation. Knowledge, because it is necessary to know more about the quantity, type and origin of the waste; prevention, through awareness and education campaigns; and participation, since, without the mobilization of citizens, it will not be possible to change this situation.

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Video: Marine litter - Ocean Report (July 2022).


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